Project Overview

I was the lead designer as well as user experience content strategist for this project. We were tasked with overhauling the pilot version which had been released the previous year with limited success.


I started with the Guide, breaking down the content into a more user friendly way, and scaling down writing and adding in graphics to break out the information so it wasn't so overwhelming. I used seasonal brand colours and bright photography to make it lighter and more appealing— of course staying within the brand standard—and creating a new style for this flagship product for Epicure. 

The previous Journal was 3 x 30-day Journals for a 90-day program, and included a shortened and confusing version of the information in the Guide. We simplified it into one 90-day Journal, and included meal plan and grocery list templates for ease of use.

Both products were launched with more success than the business has thought, and have been continuing to exceed expectations in sales. The other surprise outcome to this project was how well the new content went over with people who had tried the pilot. Lots of very positive feedback about the new layout and how much easier it is to understand and follow, I'd call the success!

Due to this success, Epicure has tried a supplement collection which included the Summer Survival Guide. You can see fits in the GFRR family perfectly, and consumers were excited about new products and recipes, and the fact that this booklet fits so well inside their Guide. Again, consumer response has been nothing but positive and sales have been tracking much higher than expected.

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